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It needs to be about my career which is to be a Physical education teacher and a head high school volleyball coach in school and out of school. The book you will need id reporting technical information 11 edition.   Major  Project   English 3311—Proposal – Chapter 16 use chapt 16 for general proposal guidelines, and chapt 7 for interview guidelines the book is reporting technical information 11th edition Why students should major in your field? I major in general studies and I want to become a high school volleyball coach and teacher and a club volleyball coach as well! These students have been out of high school for several years. Proposal will be for a presentation to several hundred of these students.   Required Parts: Summary Project Description                 Intro                 Rationale and Significance-why is it important                 Plan of the Work-how will they accomplish the task                 Facilities and Equipment-what does Lamar have? Personnel –who will help them achieve the degree Budget—how much will the degree cost Appendix—at least one entry—the questions and answers from your interview                 Interview with a professional in your field or head of your department using your questions                from Chapt 7 Works Cited pg—according to your field-at least two full journal articles, and the interview Title Page and a Table of Contents   4 pgs of text plus appendix and works cited, so 6 total.

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