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The Electoral College was created to protect US citizens against mob rule. Mob rule is the control of a lawful government system by a mass of people through violence and intimidation. However, some Americans question the legitimacy of this process. Pick one election where the outcome of the popular vote and the electoral college vote differed to create an argument in favor of or opposed to the use of the electoral college. List at least three valid points to support your argument. Present you argument in a PowerPoint presentation. As you complete your presentation, be sure to: ·       Use speaker’s notes to expand upon the bullet point main ideas on your slides, making references to research and theory with citation. ·       Proof your work ·       Use visuals (pictures, video, narration, graphs, etc.) to compliment the text in your presentation and to reinforce your content. ·       Do not just write a paper and copy chunks of it into each slide. Treat this as if you were going to give this presentation live. Presentation Requirements (APA format)  ·       Length: 8-10 substantive slides (excluding cover and references slides)

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