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Description. Show ALL syntax and outputs. Attached is also the assignment. This cannot be late as its due 12pm.

SOCI 315

Lab Demo 3

Dummy variables and a mixed model

Let’s consider the example predicting the level of Family Support by Gender

  • Family support – dependent variable


tab RA1SKINPO, nol

gen familysupport=RA1SKINPO

recode familysupport (-1=.) (8=.)

tab familysupport

  • Gender – independent variable


tab RA1PRSEX, nol

Now, we need to create a dummy variable of women=1 and men=0, the category of reference

gen women =  RA1PRSEX

recode women (2=1) (1=0)

tab women

  • Regression model with the dummy variable

regress familysupport women

Let’s add another predictor into the model – the sense of belonging

  • Sense of belonging – independent variable

tab RA1SA22H

tab RA1SA22H, nol

we will need to reverse code this variable so lowest number indicates the lowest level of belonging and highest number indicates the highest level of belonging

and we also need to remove missing values

gen belong = RA1SA22H

recode RA1SA22H (-1=.) (1=5) (2=4) (3=3) (4=2) (5=1) (8=.)

check whether the recoding is correct

tab1 belong RA1SA22H

  • Regression mixed model with the dummy variable and a continuous predictor

regress familysupport women belong



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