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Writer this is the research paper I told you would work on, and that you got me the reference info. Use APA 7 format Hello, Writer, I will upload the research paper instructions. Source everything you use. Thanks for all your help.

Final Research paper

The final paper will be 12 full pages following standard APA formatting (fonts, size, margins, etc.). Writer, I choose this topic related to adult learners at the community college level, which is Remedial/developmental education in community colleges).  Writer, I have included the broad topic, the narrowed topic, my purpose statement, and an APA-formatted references list with at least five resources you got me and you will use in the paper.

  • Remedial/developmental education in community colleges – writer I choose this topic

Final Research paper

Broad topic

Remedial/developmental education

Refined topic

Improving developmental education

Purpose statement

Developmental education can be improved through approaches such as compressing it with course redesign and using various approaches to analyze postsecondary readiness.


Boylan, H. R., Bonham, B. S., & White, S. R. (1999). Developmental and Remedial Education in Postsecondary Education. New directions for higher education108, 87-101.

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Hodara, M., Jaggars, S., & Karp, M. J. M. (2012). Improving developmental education assessment and placement: Lessons from community colleges across the country.

Moore, R. (2004). Does improving developmental education students’ understanding of the importance of class attendance improve students’ attendance and academic performance?. Research and Teaching in Developmental Education, 24-39.

Zachry Rutschow, E., & Schneider, E. (2012). Unlocking the gate: What we know about improving developmental education. MDRC Paper.






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