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Prompt: Mao Zedong was one of the most controversial figures in Chinese history and the twentieth century. While some people argue that Mao was one of the most relentless dictators and tyrants in human history, others believe that Mao was a true communist and revolutionary. How do you understandMao’s role in the history of the PRC? Requirements:  1. Your final paper should be a minimum of 6 full pages in length (no more than 8) in 12 font, double-spaced with 1 margin on all sides.  2. Instead of the flexibility I gave you in the weekly journal assignments, your final paper needs an overarching thesis and clear organization of paragraphs. State your main argument or thesis in the first paragraph, develop sub-arguments in the body paragraphs. 3. Your analysis must be built upon specific evidence and examples from the readings or lectures. Avoid generic, empty, and nonspecific discussion. Your paper must have a clear focus. You’re not allowed to use outside sources. 4. Use short quotations in your body paragraphs if you need them as direct evidence. Do not let quotations overflow. 5. Evidence does not talk to your readers directly. You need to interpret your evidence and explain how a specific piece of evidence supports your claims. 6. Use endnotes for your citations of readings, documents, statistics, maps, and other people’s ideas (including mine).

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