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Instructions: After reading the case study by Wheeler, Ghazzawi, and Palladini (2011), provide a substantive response to each of the discussion prompts below:   1.     Describe the relationship between city management and the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) unions. Discuss the similarities and differences between this relationship and traditional management-union relationships in the public sector.   2.     Compare and contrast the different bargaining processes presented in the case study.    3.     Discuss the bargaining process adopted by city management and the MTA unions. Consider the following questions as you formulate your response: ·       Was the selected bargaining approach effective? Why? ·       What could have been done differently?  ·       Was the selected bargaining approach the best choice in this situation? Why?  ·       What other options could have been considered?   4.     Discuss the challenges involved in reaching an agreement.    5.     Discuss the personal and public factors that must be considered when determining the appropriate course of action to take.

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