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pick a problem to solve in an organization you know(problem, process, and solution) for example, your college campus, a company you have worked for, or a volunteer organization. Use the design thinking skills that you learned to identify a specific pain point for customers/clients, employees, or both.


You need to conduct interviews: at least four interviews should be conducted and a short summary of each interview should be turned in your assignment , produce a journey map, generate at least one “How Might We” question, and come up with at least three possible solutions.


I need a clearly demonstrate as the fallowing :


  1. Table of contents.
  2. Applying the design thinking process.
  3. Risk taking at every stage of the project (e.g. nature of problem explored, who is interviewed, ideas carried forward, approach to the presentation, etc.).
  4. Carrying forward multiple insights and ideas.
  5. Showing where you have learned from feedback and how it has affected your solution.
  6. Conducting interviews that reveal needs.
  7. Empathy map.
  8. A journey map that reflects what was learned in the interview and yields new insights.
  9. A How Might We question that reflects a need identified in the interview, perhaps something revealed in the journey map (Something that wouldn’t have been obvious prior to interviewing).
  10. At least 3 possible solutions that emerge from brainstorming (idea generation) that could be explored/prototyped.
  11. A clear, compelling, and engaging presentation.
  12. Turnitin paper check less than 10%



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