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Module 04 Project Template

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Project overview for Introduction to Networking

For this Project you will be designing a wireless network for three accountants sharing an office. Each accountant will have a wireless router for their office space which will be connected through a switch to a single, shared DSL/Cable modem. The accountants want to minimize their network costs, have the same level of connectivity in the three office areas, and want to insure a high level of security for their client’s information in each individual office.

Module 04 Overview

It is time to configure the DHCP scope on the wireless routers.  Adding to your previous Visio diagrams, please update the configurations for each accountant network, including Network Address or Subnet ID, Subnet Mask, and default gateway.  Then provide the DHCP scope range and SSID.

Additional Objectives

Below, after inserting the maps, discuss the need for static addresses.  Be sure to include why static addresses are a good idea.


The company wants the three routers to communicate using three different subnets. In advance of updating the network diagrams, please fill out the following subnet worksheet and router worksheet to support the network diagrams.

Subnet Worksheet:



Network Address
(or Subnet ID)
Subnet Mask  

Default Gateway


Router Worksheet :

Subnet Office DHCP Starting IP Address Number of Users SSID



  • Insert all network diagrams here. (Include a site diagram for feedback for the final project)



In addition to your drawings, include a discussion here addressing the following:

  • Will any of the devices on the networks require static addresses? Why or why not?






Executive Summary

In this conclusion, discuss how your design decisions for this module met the goals of the accountants for minimizing costs, sharing the internet bandwidth, and securing customer data.

  1. Minimizing Costs



  1. Sharing Bandwidth



  1. Security Concerns




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