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Your portfolio assignment focuses on a specific sector of healthcare and its relation to the current U.S. healthcare system. Choose one of the healthcare sectors listed below for your portfolio assignment. Once you have identified a sector, you should then select a facility that is located in your geographic area that represents this sector: Hospitals, Long-term care, Mental and behavioral health, Ambulatory care, For-profit/public healthcare, Psychological care, and Urgent care facilities. After choosing one of the areas above, you would interview a healthcare manager at the facility you selected. This can be done in person or over the phone. The steps would include: Selecting a manager or representative from a healthcare agency listed above. Approval of the individual selected by your instructor. 10 questions created and submitted for the interview. Interviewing the approved individual. Writing the analysis paper. You would write a paper with 1-2 pages with interview information and 5 additional pages with the analysis and recommendations. The paper must contain the following information: Describe the sector’s historical development and current role in healthcare delivery. Explain how the political influence in the U.S. healthcare system impacts how this sector provides healthcare to specific communities. Evaluate how quality, safety, and competition within this healthcare sector impact patient care. Examine what major challenges exist for this sector for the system over the next decade from healthcare reform and other factors. Discuss a minimum of three challenges and offer your recommendations on how healthcare leaders and administrators can manage them. Provide a conclusion summary of your findings and of the project experience.

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