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The essay is due Friday morning and the paper I received previously was complete crap. The topic is grief and the long term effects on nurses. It must be APA 7th edition and at least 3-5 references from reputable evidence based resources.

Keiser University Nursing Program Written Evaluation Tool


Student Name:                                                                         Topic                                                                         Date:                                                                                    






Directions: Evaluate by using the grid below to assess each performance for proficiency level. Write number (0-2) as appropriated proficiency level to the right of each performance element.




No Proficiency Partial Proficiency Proficient Points SLO Comments
  0 1 2      
1.      Relevance to topic and reflective of best practice.         1  
2.      Evidence-based research and use of electronic databases           1,3,4  
3.      Length as stated by Instructor           3  
4.      Reflects critical thinking throughout         3  
5.      Clear introduction, appropriately developed body.         1  
  6.      Logical, sequential order. Conclusion, including summation                of key points         1  
Writing Quality            
7.     Correct use of medical and professional terminology.         2,3  
8. Correct spelling, and proper use of grammar.         1, 3  
9.     Correct application of all APA format elements         1, 2, 3  
10. Correct formatting of citations that are no more than 5 years old.         1, 2, 3  
Final Score (multiply times 5)            




Student Learning Outcome Key                                                                      Proficiency Key

0 = No demonstrated Proficiency in this area


  • JR- Judgment and Reasoning
  • TI- Technology Integration
  • P – Professionalism
  • ID- Intra/Interdisciplinary Collaboration

1= Minimum proficiency, reduced understanding of topic, failure to execute activities to acceptable standards in the performance elements 2=Demonstrates ability to meet all requirements to acceptable standards in the performance elements




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