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ALL students must select a research topic and submit a PowerPoint presentation via Blackboard.  The presentation should include at least 6-8 slides of RESEARCHED content, graphic and/or photographs regarding the organized crime topic.  Your presentation should contain a reference page with 3-5 references.    ·       Students must select a topic from the list below:  Ethnicity and Organized Crime New York’s Five Families Triads Russian Organized Crime The Robber Barons Chicago’s Outfit Tongs Yakuza Psychology/Sociology of Organized Crime The Mafia, Camorra, Ndrangheta Vory Asian Organized Crime The Castellammarese War Latin American Organized Crime Joseph Bonanno Colombian Organized Crime R.I.C.O. and related laws New York’s Five Families Thomas Lucchese Charles Luciano Mexican Organized Crime Jamaican Organized Crime Carlo Gambino Joseph Profaci Black Organized Crime Technology and Organized Crime Joseph Colombo Vito Genovese African Organized Crime

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