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– Instruction/Rubric will be shared  – I chose my topic to be on : The Importance of Health and Fitness w/ emphasis on how the relationship between the two is synonymous or “yin and yang”  – I will be turning this paper into a presentation (presenting the chosen topic and research) as well

Paper Instructions


Each member of the class will choose among a series of health topics for a health fitness research paper. A minimum of a three-page paper, not including references or title page will be due.

Your research topic can be anything that’s related to health and fitness.

Your paper must have the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • Health topic
  • Research and studies done on health topic
  • Conclusion


A minimum of two scientific references are required. One reference must be a review or meta-analysis and at least one specific study from that same review/meta-analysis. At least 2 references must be from peer-reviewed scientific sources. The paper should be double-spaced with one-inch margins on all sides (12-point font). The paper should also be free of all grammatical and spelling errors. Follow APA format style for citations and bibliography. On Canvas you’ll find there are files on writing APA style



Research Paper Grading Rubric

General Paper:

At least 3 pages in length (excluding this page, title page and references) 5pts

At least 2 scientific references 5pts

APA style in-text citations, and bibliography 5 pts

Overall quality and grammar 10 pts

Actual Paper:

  1. Introduction – 5pts
    Introduce the paper by stating how the paper is going to be organized, i.e. introductory paragraph, introduce health topic
  2. Health Topic – 10pts
    Introduce the health issue if any / Describe pathology of the health issue. Provide background on the topic to explain why it is important/serious, provide support/proof using a minimum of one source

III. Research on Topic- 5pts
Present research that you found on your topic. Explain the different studies conducted and explain the results of those studies. Then provide overall conclusion on topic based on the research.

  1. Conclusion – 5pts
    Restate topic / health issue. Give your opinion, specifically address what you liked/disliked about current situation of topic. Provide suggested courses of action and/or possible solutions

Total Points Possible = 50pts 







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