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Weight: 20%


Due: Monday 24 August 2020, by 11:59pm


Length: 500 words (+/- 10%) (quotes included/references excluded)


Format: This first assessment (A1) is an exercise in genre reading and MAY BE (but does not have to be) formatted as an essay. Either way, you must develop an idea and format your response in cohesive paragraphs.

If you choose to write your response as an essay, then the introduction and conclusion should each make up 10% of the word count (i.e. 50 words). The introduction must contain a thesis statement that outright answers (not repeats) the question.

The body paragraphs should contain topic sentences and address some aspect of the thesis statement. Each body paragraph of your essay should ideally be about 135 words (if producing three body paragraphs) or 200 words (if producing two body paragraphs). Your decision to create two or three body paragraphs will depend on whether you wish to address two or three topic points that emerge out of your thesis statement.

Referencing: MLA or APA or Chicago


Question: Drawing on examples from The Old School and ONE short story you have studied in the fiction module, compare 2 or 3 elements of language utilised in both texts.


Requirements: In your answer, you are expected to compare the way both authors use language as a common or recognised genre device that expresses the type of crime fiction you are reading. You might like to consider elements such as dialogue, idiomatic phrasing, expressions of politeness, colloquialisms, and slang. You must make close reference to the texts in your answer and use textual detail to support chosen examples of language drawn from the texts.


You can, of course, also refer to other features of the crime fiction genre in your answer where relevant and where you think they overlap or intersect with language (e.g. the figure of the detective, narrative structure, method of detection, use of realism/authenticity, police corruption, and “avenging angel”).

You might also find it helpful to consider how issues of race, gender, ethnicity and class studied in the module inform your argument, as well as the language differences between a novel and a short story.

The first assessment is an exercise in close comparative reading using only the primary texts. You are not required to use any critical secondary research.



Failure to express yourself clearly, logically, and in your own words will mean an automatic fail for the assessment. (See “Presentation” criterion below.)




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