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CE370: Unit 3 Assignment



















Part 1: Portrait of Organization

In paragraph one, provide the following:

  • The name of your organization.
  • Identify the organization as a for-profit or a non-profit.
  • Provide the ages of children served.
  • Provide the number of children in each class.
  • How many children are you licensed to serve?
  • Share a brief statement of your program’s mission or values.


In the second paragraph, refer to the enrollment and staffing patterns that you identified in your unit 2 journal. Share the following:

  • The ratios that you will follow (be specific and share if these if the ratios you are using are in line with state standards, or national standards).
  • How many teachers will you need for each classroom?
  • What will their hours of work be? How many hours per week will they work?
  • What is their salary?


Then, in a third paragraph, provide the following information:

  • Identify two written policies or procedures that your program can apply to support efficient operations.
  • How do these written policies or procedures focus on maintaining and improving the quality of early childhood environments?
  • How can these written policies or procedures be applied when developing a budget?


Part 2: Budget Spreadsheet

On the excel template, calculate your annual budget based on the enrollment and staffing patterns that you determined for Part 1.  You may have to create multiple versions of your spreadsheet to balance your budget. Be sure to create a small surplus for your budget. After creating your budget, calculate the average monthly budget and include that on your budget next to your annual revenue/expenses. Be sure to include all versions of your budget when submitting this assignment. Submit part 2 as a separate attachment.

Part 3: Budget Planning

After you have completed Part 2, refer back to the template in Part 1. In your final  paragraph each, please respond to the following:

  • Explain the importance of cash flow planning.
  • Describe how your budget can be used as a planning tool for future budgets.
  • How will budget planning ensure a quality program?
  • How did the surplus/deficit vary under each sample budget?
  • How do these results measure the health of your organization?
  • Describe the effects that staffing and tuition changes had on your revenue.










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