The Goals of the Criminal Justice System Assignment | Online Assignment


You will select a topic from the list below and write a 1500-2500 word essay that does both of the following: analyzes this topic through the dual lenses of higher law philosophy and contemporary legal views; and evaluates the relationship between these philosophies as they relate to your selected topic. You should integrate citations from the Brauch text, along with Biblical reference and other external sources, throughout the essay. Choose one of the following topics, and read the text associated with it: The Goals of the Criminal Justice System (195-242 in 2nd Ed; 185-235 in 3rd Ed) Human Responsibility and Human Guilt (242-283 in 2nd Ed; 235-275 in 3rd Ed) The Jury Trial (285-316 in 2nd Ed; 277-307 in 3rd Ed) Efficient Breach (or other Contract Remedies) (317-328 in 2nd Ed only) Combined Topic Constitutional Rights and Human Rights (329-358 in 2nd Ed.) Constitutional Rights Single Topic (309-341 in 3rd Ed only) Human Rights Single Topic (343 – 365 in 3rd Ed only) Preemptive War (359-382 in 2nd Ed only) Biotechnology (367-397 in 3rd Ed only) Your essay is due as set forth in the course syllabus.

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