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Choose ONE (1) business from the ‘Buy Something Tasmanian’ website ( from ONE (1) of the following categories: – Accommodation; – Breweries & Distilleries; – Experience; – Farmers and Growers; – Health and Wellness; – Sport and Fitness. Content and Structure Introduction: * Introduce your focal business and define the scope and boundaries of your Case Study. * To help refine your scope, think about what the target market are seeking to satisfy with their purchase of the offering. Marketing Environment: * Introduce the components of the marketing environment. discussion. * Highlight trends within relevant macro -environments that have/are creating threats/opportunities for your chosen Case e.g., trends in the economic environment affecting consumer spending; government restrictions on travel… * Highlight factors within the micro-environment that have/are affecting strengths/weaknesses of your chosen Case e.g., any evidence of competitor actions that could impact your strengths and ability to compete? Any new partnerships created to enhance strengths and reduce areas of weakness? * What you discuss is dependent on your research Target Market: * Based on your research, who do you ‘perceive’ to be the target market and what are some of their distinguishing characteristics? * Look at Table 6.1 in prescribed text + this table for more detailed analysis. (Please see in additional file) * Use marketing language to describe. Value Proposition: * Based on your research what do you ‘perceive’ to be the focal Case’s point of differentiation that makes their offering superior to that of competitors? * Based on the identified value proposition, what need(s) do you think the offering will satisfy – functional, psychological or both? * Use Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (page 147 prescribed text) to help explain. (Please see in additional file) Conclusion: * Present brief thoughts on whether the target market and value proposition remain relevant in the current marketing environment.

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