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The link is the textbook for one the reference You are a behavioral health counselor at a rural health clinic. Ingrid is a 41-year-old Hispanic single mother of two who has recently immigrated to the United States. She initially met with you to get a mental health screening because she had not taken medication for her schizophrenia for a year. Today is your third session with her and the primary goal of the meeting is to gauge her progress in setting appointments for the services that she and her family need. During the session, she tells you during that she had attended the mental health screening but has not had the time or money to fill her prescription. Then, she tells you that she has been having a difficult time organizing her thoughts (a symptom of her disorder). When you ask her about her other appointments, she avoids answering you directly. You set a goal with her to fill her medication by the following day and created smaller goals for accessing services and supports because she has not managed to meet any of the other goals. 1. Write a summary of the main facts from the session in the scenario, including a brief discussion of the client’s needs. 2. Imagine that you are writing the goals with her. What would you recommend her three main goals be after filling her medication and how would you prioritize them? 3.Why do you think that Ingrid did not meet her goals, and how would you approach this discussion, being sensitive to her culture and gender?

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