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This is what the report should cover… Hypothesis: Military personnel with a strong Christian foundation are less likely to commit suicide than those who do not have a relationship with Christ. Research Question: Over the past 20 years has there been more suicides by non-believing military personnel than their Christian brethren? Disciplines Incorporated: Religion and Psychology Justification: As more military personnel take their own lives, it’s beneficial to investigate whether or not a healthy relationship with a higher power can alleviate the reasoning that pushes them to choose suicide.

Literature Review Instructions
Prompt: In 1,000-1,200 words and using at least five scholarly, relevant, and appropriate sources,
create a literature review of the scholarship around the topic of your research proposal.
1. A literature review requires two things: it summarizes the context of other scholar’s work
related to your topic, and it mentions the research gap that you propose to fill. Both of
these are important to mention and to emphasize.
2. You must use third person
3. Your grammar, spelling, and punctuation should be flawless.
4. APA formatting including a title page but not an abstract
5. Your title must include your areas of study.
6. In the context of this assignment, it is important to remember that you are summarizing
the most current and relevant research to your topic. This means that even many books
will not be considered scholarly sources. A self-help book, a book published for a general
audience, or a textbook will usually not be appropriate as a scholarly source for this
assignment (though they may mention sources that are more trustworthy). Generally,
journal articles, peer-reviewed books, and books published by university presses (for the
purpose of scholarship) are good sources to begin with.
Additional Suggestions:
1. It will be VERY tempting to argue for your point. If you are researching tent-making
missionary success in Peru, it will be VERY tempting to make the literature review an
argument for why more missionaries need to go to Peru as tent-makers. Resist the
temptation. Instead, identify contexts of your research and report on those without bias.
In this case, you could find out what recent scholars have said about recent developments
in Peru regarding missions, tent-making ministries, and missionary experiences in South
America. Report on these to set a framework for the research you are proposing and
mention the “gap” in scholarship that your research might fill—what part of the
conversation is missing that you hope to provide? Only report on the state of scholarship
regarding the context of your question and mention the research gap. That is what a
literature review does.
2. An easy way to organize a literature review might look like this:
A. Have an introduction paragraph introducing scholarship and the research gap
B. Have separate body paragraphs summarizing and discussing the relevancy of one
source each (though feel free to mention the sources in each other’s paragraphs or
to not dedicate a paragraph to each source if not needed)
C. Have a conclusion paragraph that summarizes the research and emphasizes the
research gap
3. At the end of your introduction paragraph, you should include a non-argumentative thesis
statement that summarizes the general idea of what you found in your research,
mentioning scholarship and the research gap.
4. Be sure to include introduction and conclusion paragraphs. Your body paragraphs should
be unified and have strong controlling and concluding sentences.

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