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Master Thesis – Circular Economy Hello there, My master thesis is about how the Port of Rotterdam as niche shielding can influence the barriers and drivers of circular economic businesses based there. So far I have done the introduction, theoretical framework, the research design and the methodology. On top of that, I have collected 5 interviews so far and I have 1 scheduled for the 22nd July. However, my deadline to deliver the full research in on the 10th August, so I need help with the empirical findings, data analysis, conclusion, discussions and recommendations. I am willing to contribute to the development of the thesis and take part in it as well. After the writing is done, I would like the full document to be reviewed and edited to be consistent and eloquent. There are still a few points to be updated in the framework. Facts: So far I have written about 12 thousand words – the maximum is 20.000 Deadline to get the final document: 30/07. I need to receive updates on the work every 5 days so I can send it to my supervisor I want a good grade (approx 8).

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