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More than a few of you have been asking questions about how to prepare your case.  Here is a brief outline of a basic methodology that will get you the outcome you desire.  On the surface, this looks like a lot of work, but it really isn’t.  This will fill up the 8 to 12 pages of 12pt, double spaced text (not including title and bibliography pages). Step 1 Read the case thoroughly Take notes What are the issues discussed in the case? What laws, ethical theories, or outside factors are discussed? What decisions need to be made? What information is needed to make those decisions? Each case in this book has a few questions the author asks.  They are not particularly important to this assignment.  The questions may refer to specifics you want to deal with, but it is not necessary to address those questions directly Step 2 Do your research What do you need to understand to address this case? How do the ethical theories apply? How will you use the information you have compiled? Apply critical thought to the facts Can you come to a conclusion?  Some cases lead to a rational conclusion some do not Some cases lead you to ask larger questions – acknowledge those questions What did you learn from this case? Step 3 Draft the case Introduction with brief overview Discuss the issues Discuss your research Discuss the process of your analysis Discuss your analysis Discuss your result Is there a conclusion? Are there open questions? What did you learn from the case? Step 4 Final draft Submit Bask in the glory of a job well done (10 minutes max)

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