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Students, please use this file for the Concept Paper due in the course.  This is your only major writing assignment so please be sure to do your best work.  See the resources posted for you in the tab, “Course Resources” for writing quality and APA citations, references, and overall formatting.  This paper should be a minimum of 5 pages.  Research a minimum of 5 external scholarly sources in addition to the Livermore text. Here are some specific requirements: Use APA to cite and reference your paper, format according to APA as well. Your paper should use Times New Roman font, 12 pt type, double-spacing throughout (even between paragraphs). Edit and proof well, there should be no typos, punctuation, or capitalization errors.  Demonstrate critical thinking and use of your research.  All papers will be reviewed in for similarity scores to highlight plagiarism, paraphrase carefully.  Like the sample papers, use an appropriate cover page.  Submit into the appropriate dropbox.  See the Course Resources section to help you with formatting and APA.  See the Sample Papers and seek to have your papers look like those papers in format, APA citations, and reference.  Hint:  There should be no”Works Cited”, it is References in an APA paper.  Concept Paper Outline Using your research, format your content according to the outline below, be sure to use appropriate business terminology and “business acumen”. Introduction To Your Paper Section #1 What is meant by international management?   What do international managers and leaders “do” in their roles? How does international management differ from management in the US? Section #2 What are some of the strategies used to determine how an organization will compete in the global market? (See article posted, Global Strategies Defined).  What is meant by risk assessment for international management? What challenges exist for organizations who seek to compete in the global marketplace? What should organizations use as filters on global markets where they should not pursue? Section #3 Choose one of the organizations below.  Review their website and look at their global operations (research other sources as well).  Identify what you believe their challenges and opportunities are.  Identify potential risks they face as well. Identify where they have their strongest global markets and what they do to integrate with the partner cultures.  Organizations:  Pepsico, Coke, Starbucks, McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Air B & B, LinkedIn, Hilton, and Marriott.  Section #4 Identify your cultural intelligence potential. Identify your personal goals to prepare to be more culturally intelligent and globally aware.  Be specific in your goals.  Identify how you fit into the CQ model in Livermore’s text.  What training do you need?  If you’d like to be in the global workforce, where would you like to work internationally?  If you do not want to see an international assignment, how can you us cultural intelligence in your career? Conclusion Wrap up your paper with a summary of what you’ve covered in the earlier sections.  Be sure to proof your paper carefully.  This is your only paper in this course–make it a great one.  Learn from your research and demonstrate your knowledge well.

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