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US American history to the Genesee Community College catalog: Cheating is obtaining or intentionally giving unauthorized information to create an unfair advantage in an examination, assignment, or classroom situation. Plagiarism is the act of presenting and claiming words, ideas, data, programming code or creations of others as one’s own. Plagiarism may be intentional – as in a false claim of authorship – or unintentional – as in a failure to document information sources using MLA (Modern Language Association), APA (American Psychological Association) or other style sheets or manuals adopted by instructors at the College. Presenting ideas in the exact or near exact wording as found in source material constitutes plagiarism, as does patching together paraphrased statements without in-text citation. Disciplinary action may include a failing grade on an assignment or test, a failing grade for the course, suspension or expulsion from the college, as described in the Code of Conduct. If you use sources in your research and papers, you must cite those sources. Please consult the Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) for proper citation format(Please use the CMS version available at the GCC Library Website)

Presidential Research Paper Guidelines

HIS 204:  United States History 2

Research paper

Assignment Guidelines: 

Select a U.S. presidential administration between 1865 and 2000 (Andrew Johnson to William Clinton).  In a 4-6 page (excluding title page, Notes and Bibliography) paper, evaluate how the President handled one major problem/crisis during his term in office.

You should consider the following factors when evaluating the president’s actions in managing the issue:

  • Character and personality.  How did these attributes help or hurt the president?
  • Philosophy of government related to his presidency.
  • Analyze the effect on the country of the president’s decision-making.  How did it impact the relationship with the American people?  Congress?
  • What impact did his actions have on the world stage?
  • Did it change the power of the presidency?

Your paper must be more than just a biographical sketch of the president.  You will be assessed on the effectiveness of your analysis of the presidency.  You need to think about and evaluate what the president did while handling the crisis.

Examples: (Not eligible topics for this course)

Thomas Jefferson—British/French attacks on American commerce

Andrew Jackson—Nullification Crisis

Abraham Lincoln—South Carolina attack on Fort Sumter

 Paper Length:

The body of the paper must be at least four pages in length (excludes title page, notes page and bibliography).  Typed, double-spaced.  12 point Times Roman font.  1 inch margins.


A minimum of four scholarly resources are required.  Students are not permitted to use textbooks, children’s books, sparksnotes or encyclopedias.  Only 1 source can be a scholarly website. 

Required Format:

Chicago Manual of Style.  Please consult the GCC library webpage for additional information concerning the Chicago style.   There is a 25 point deduction for papers that don’t use the Chicago Manual of Style format!

Point Value:

100 points


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