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PART 1 SHOULD Answer the following questions: IN 1 PARAGRAPH What are the vital statistics for your community, for example, maternal mortality rate, fetal death rate, perinatal mortality rate, infant mortality? Do they vary by geographic location? By ethnicity? By socioeconomic status? Where did you go in your community to find these data? What kind of epidemiological studies that have been performed in your community in the past five years? Do you know what kind of studies they were (descriptive, analytical, intervention)? How were they conducted? What were the results? In your community, what groups or organizations are most involved in conducting epidemiological studies? PART 2 SHOULD ANSWER THE FOLLOWING IN 1 PARAGRAPH: Watch the Michael Moore film Sicko. You can rent it or watch it at the Medical Campus Library (you may also be able to check out a copy from the public library). Then answer the following question: Do you agree with Mr. Moore’s portrayal of health care in the United States? Why or why not? Please be specific and use your own examples as appropriate

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