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Attached you will find The Case of Martin B. It is a real case, where the name and some identifying information has been changed. As you will see, it is rich in information about the client. Since you have just begun a course in Abnormal Psychology, you will not be diagnosticians, but will be addressing the case from a point of exploration — the first step always in working with a client. In addition to the case, please read the article, Approaching Abnormality: Today’s Biopsychosocial Approach, found in your Week 2 content folder. Once you have read both, please answer the following questions: first read the article and then give answer of these questions around in 1 pg. 1) Do you think Martin’s problem is normal or abnormal? Why or why not? Using the Biopsychosocial Model/Perspective provide detailed reasons for your position. 2) List at least 4 questions you would like to ask Martin.The Case of Martin B (2)

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