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Discussion Topic Part 1 Discuss why research is important to the process of public relations. Include at least two ways that research is used in public relations. Then, discuss two of the questionnaire guidelines in the text and why these are important to be aware of when creating a questionnaire. Explain with support from the text. Part 2 When conducting research there are many important elements that a Public Relations (PR) professional needs to be aware of to effectively reach the target audience and create a workable solution to solve a problem. In this question, the scientific method is introduced which can help to examine a question closely and isolate factors that affect results. In addition, it is used to create precise, testable hypotheses to inform problem solving. Please go to the following website as a first look at the scientific method: There are also several videos about the scientific method in the reading that will help. By reviewing the information on the website, you have read the six step process to scientific inquiry. PR professionals will have to address some questions where the scientific method can be applied, such as: Question: How can I increase the media coverage of my company? Hypothesis: If I produce more PR events, then the company will receive more media coverage. Question: How can I know what the customer thinks of the company currently to know what issues to address in my PR campaign? Hypothesis: If I track customer service ratings, then I can determine the impression of the company on customers. To answer these and other questions the PR professional must also understand aspects of the scientific method such as: How to write a testable hypothesis How to collect data about the question How to analyze the data and draw conclusions How best to share the results For this discussion question: Read the website above Identify a problem that a PR professional may have to solve Write a testable hypothesis to guide the research on the problem Identify the target audience Include why you chose these elements specifically Discuss why they would be effective to address the chosen problem Also, consider and discuss what kinds of PR problems do not lend themselves well to a scientific approach. Explain.

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