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1. Interest Statement a. Please discuss your interest in an Advanced Standing MSW program. b. How will the MSW degree be used to advance your career and the social work profession? 2. Academic Statement a. Share your reasons for pursing a graduate degree at Capella University. b. Discuss your experience in using the Internet and computer technology (email, social media, video, chats, etc.) to complete important tasks and how it may serve you as a graduate student at Capella University. c. Describe the support you will have to promote your success in a graduate program (i.e., family, friends, community, colleagues, etc.) d. Discuss how your social work practice experiences, professional accomplishments, professional development, community involvement, work with clients/client systems, and continuing education have prepared you for graduate studies. e. Outline and describe your academic progress to date (include your overall GPA achieved, honors, awards, etc.), how you were successful in achieving your undergraduate degree, how you overcame challenges and life experiences while earning your degree, and how you will be successful in the MSW program at Capella University. 3. Social Justice Statement a. Discuss a social or economic justice issue you have addressed in your professional practice experience. b. Describe how your commitment to social and economic justice for all allowed you to effectively address the issue.

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